Ends on January 6, 2020

Eligibility: Contests are open to Midwestern PK–12 students, pre-service teachers and practicing educators. All PK-12 student entries must include principal’s consent and contact information.
To be eligible for judging, each student contest entry must:

  • Show evidence of teaching and learning best practice
  • Follow educational fair use copyright guidelines
  • Demonstrate creativity and original thought
  • Be completely produced by entering student

 NOTE:  Each individual school may submit a maximum of 3 student and 3 educator entries per contest category, eg. 3 student entries to the video contest for the 6-8 grade division. If more than 3 entries in one contest division are received from an individual school, all entries may be disqualified.  Each student may submit only one entry per contest category. NOTE: One entry per contest category applies to educators who are submitting their own work in the educator division of the contests. Teachers may sponsor their students' work in multiple categories.
A maximum of 5 minutes will be allocated to judge each "best work" contest entry.

Share Your Best Work Contest Categories 

 Open to educators, pre-service teachers and PK-12 students

  • Still Images:  This category allows students to showcase their work in the area of still images. Students will submit completed products such as digital images, photographs, logos and graphic design. 
  • Infographics:  Infographics are visual images used to represent data or information, typically including charts and graphs. Check out this article with tips for great infographics.
  • Video: This category allows students to showcase their work in the area of video. Students may submit completed non-interactive video projects. Examples of projects that could fall into this category include but are not limited to: newscasts, movies, video podcasts, and animations. 
  • Audio: This category allows students to showcase their work in the area of audio. Students will submit completed audio products such as podcasts, radio shows and original music/poetry. 
  • Interactive Media:  This category allows students to showcase their work in the area of interactive media. As defined by wikipedia, interactive media normally refers to products and services on digital computer-based systems which respond to the user's actions by presenting content such as text, graphics, animation, video, audio, games, etc. Examples of interactive media that may be submitted to this category include interactive ebooks, websites created by the student, apps developed by the student, coding projects and more. Note:  Scratch, Jr projects should be uploaded to a digital folder and shared via a link to that folder.

 Judging and Awards
Contest entries will be judged on criteria that include connection to curriculum, originality, creativity, quality of product and innovative use of technology. Up to three awards per category per age division will be given.  Please review the 2020 Judging rubric.

  • The winning teacher will receive a non-transferable, complimentary conference registration and the teacher’s school district will be reimbursed the actual cost for the substitutes for both days on submission of invoice by the teacher's school district prior to May 30, 2020.
  • All entrants should refer to the NETA website (http://netasite.org) on or after February 1, 2020 for contest results. We request that teacher entrants do not register for the conference until winners are announced. Application materials will not be returned to entrants. 
  • All submitted projects may be distributed freely by NETA under Creative Commons license. Educators submitting entries need to follow all of their district's policies regarding the distribution of student work. The online submission form must be completed in full. 
  • Awards will be mailed out to school address provided on the entry form by April 1, 2020.
  • All entries must be submitted online. Any accompanying documents must be submitted digitally as well.

 Additional Educator Contests
Open only to practicing educators.   

  • ISTE Trek Anaheim
  • Classroom Grants
  • NETA Scholarships
  • Teaching with Technology Award
  • Leading with Technology Award